Active Grants

Please note availability and criteria for active grants are subject to change. Potential applicants are encouraged to review all guidelines and deadlines thoroughly to ensure eligibility. For the most current information and updates, please refer directly to the attached grants page.

In 2024 grants have been awarded to Twin Cities Honor Flight and Honor Flight Kentucky.

Archive of Past Grants

The following are grants we have offered in previous years, contributing to various causes and initiatives:

2024 Honor Flight Grant

This grant empowered Honor Flight Hubs to honor our veterans through enhanced programs and events. (Click here to view this past grant)

2023 Honor Flight Grant

Provided support to Honor Flight Hubs in organizing and executing memorable events for veterans (Click here to view this past grant).

2021 Nonprofit Assistance Fund

Enabled small nonprofits to secure the necessary funds aimed at achieving long-term mission goals (Click here to view this past grant).

2020 Honor Apps Grant

Facilitated the integration of the Honor Apps Application, streamlining operations for Honor Flight Hubs (Click here to view this past grant).

These grants are made possible by donations from the app’s original developers at RFX Technologies. You can learn more about Honor Apps here.

Here at Cornerstone Legacies Foundation, we love to hear the stories of success from those who receive a grant. If you’d like to reach back out to us after your new programming is underway; we would love to hear how it’s going.